My IMATS Experience!

My experience at IMATS NYC '18 was ah-may-zing! I loved every minute if it. I loved glancing over the crowd and seeing all the beautiful makeup amongst the people waiting in line to get in. I loved meeting all the beauty professionals and beauty influencers that I've been following and admiring. If you've never been to IMATS, I will say that it is a major sensory overload (in a good, inspiring way)!

I went to IMATS for two days. I went for the pros night and the 1st day that was open to the general public. Pros night is the day that is open to those who have aa pros membership card and they get to shop first before the general public does. It was really helpful to me, I got to go in and see where everything was, what products they were selling, and I also got to talk to some beauty professionals that I follow. There was also a lot of demonstrations going on at different booths. The demonstrations ranged from everyday makeup to fantasy makeup. I saw artists body painting, m…

Facial anyone?

Facials can be very relaxing and can create a more healthier appearance to skin over time with regular visits and excellent at home care. Facials can even skin tone, reduce break outs and balance the production of oil in the skin. I like to think of a facial as a maintenance visit.

 Your esthetician is cleansing the face by; properly extracting pimples and blackheads, removing the dirt and excess oil, circulating the blood flow for healthier looking glowing skin, and helps to decongest skin (which helps to reduce breakouts and blackheads).

When we cleanse our faces, we often rush through it, we don't take our makeup off properly, we don't use proper toners or astringents, we don't moisturize...basically we're just skipping steps to get

finished quicker. We also tend to use products that are more popular and less useful for our skin care needs.

Facials also help to relax you! It pampers you! Your skin feels so amazing and loved! After your facial, your skin will be so …

But How did You Know?

I don't get asked this all the time, but I would like to be so I can tell this story lol. So I'm gonna tell the story as if y'all asking me!

When I was younger, like maybe 3rd grade, I started going to the salon. My mom would drop me off and have my stylist call my mom when I was ready. While I was waiting, I paid attention to everything. My eyes looked like I had seen all of my favorite foods in one spot and it had a "take all you can, Its free!" sign on the table.
I loved everything about the atmosphere. I loved the smell of the beauty products, the sound of the curlers clicking, the laughter from the ladies, people greeting clients, reading through hair magazines to pick which hairstyles I wanted to get, and listening to grown folks talk "grown woman business" lol.  It was all so exciting to me, but relaxing all at the same time. Any chance I got, even if I wasn't getting my hair done, I went to the salon. 
Growing up, I always was attracted to …

First Off....Happy New Year!

New year, new you? Or same stuff just a different day?

Many people are so excited for the new year. They get dressed up, decorate for parties, plan trips, and cheers to the New Year. They set new goals, wrap up old ones, and view the glass half full. While others....well let’s just say they’re looking at the glass half empty these days. They view the year as just another day of the same ol’ same ol’. They aren’t really optimistic about the new year, they don’t really set too many goals (if any at all), they discourage others who have set goals, and they may even   go to a party, but to them it’s just a party nothing more, nothing less. 
Personally for me, I don’t reall make “New Years resolutions”, but I do set small goals for myself and work towards them daily. Every time I used to make New Years resolutions, I would forget them and I would get so irritated that I couldn’t remember them so I decided to create a smaller list of goals I want to accomplish and add to the list as one get…

The Most Irritating Thing Ever....Dandruff!

Dandruff can be an annoying little thing. For some, it’s more than just a dry or itchy scalp. It can be all over their clothes, all through out their hair, and just down right embarrassing.

Dandruff, also known as pityriasis, is an excessive production and accumulation of skin cells. The skin cell begins to shed excessively at one time.

There are two types of dandruff; pityriasis capitis simplex, which is the most common form of dandruff, and pityriasis steatoides, which is a more severe case of dandruff. Pityriasis capitis simplex is a from of scalp irritation, large flakes, and itchy scalp. This kind of dandruff can still be attached to the scalp or scattered throughout your hair. Pityriasis steatoides is a collection of greasy or wax-like flakes with sebum that sticks to the scalp. When looking at it, it reminds you of cradle cap. If pityriasis steatoides looks irritated, it’ll be called seborrheic dermatitis.

Dandruff can come from many different things. It can come from (but not …

Im stuck...what do i do?

I'm sure you've heard phrases like; "be your own support system", "forget the haters", "motivate yourself", 'all you have is you", and many more like phrases. But what if you don't want to? What if that's not ranked the highest on your to do list? What if you feel like you can't?

We ALL get in those emotional spaces where we just feel like life is really trying us! We ALL get in those spaces where we just don't feel as creative and like our creativeness is in prison serving life without a chance of parole. We ALL do. Some people just wear life's journey a little better than others. Feeling like you're stuck is the most frustrating thing ever. Especially when you're trying new things and its failing, trying to connect with others but get no response, and when you're SCROLLILNG through social media seeing people steady "winnin'". Thats so irritating! It burns my grits and I'm sure it burns y…

The Power of Makeup....Is it real?

The power of makeup has been a topic for a very long time. As of recently, it has been a public topic. You can find so many videos on YouTube and pictures on social media about it. There are some very compelling stories about the power of makeup and the beautiful transformations. But is the power real? Lets chat!

On social media, the power of makeup can be seen as a transformation. The idea is to show how polished one looks after applying makeup. While others have made the power of makeup a time to share a story. Countless women have shared stories and even tears. Makeup is often times labeled as "trickery", "witchcraft", "hating yourself", and "in denial" by negative onlookers. The comments under the videos and transformations is enough to have you making time in your day to  "clap back".

Makeup has been turned into something it was never intended to be. People are making memes saying things like "you gotta take your girl swimmin…