Is color correcting necessary?

Color correcting is a powerful, game changing thing. It is what can make or break your overall makeup look. Color correcting is applying your knowledge in color theory to cancel out any undertones that are unwanted in the skin (on the face or on the body). Color correcting helps things look even and seamless.

Before you begin to apply product to the skin, here's a few things you need to know...

1. What colors cancel out what colors

Green- Cancels out red. If you have; acne on your skin, rosy cheeks, or any other redness on the skin,  this is great for you to apply to the skin before your foundation.

Lavender/Purple- Cancels out yellow. Yellow tones can mostly be found underneath the eyes. The color may look more like a light yellowish-brown and give the impression of someone being sick or unhealthy. You'll see this color on people that have a fair to light complexion.

Pink- Brightens and corrects dark spots on lighter complexions.

Orange/Peach/Soft Peach- Corrects dark circles…

Why I Don’t Make New Year’s Resolutions

If I haven’t ran into you at the grocery store or we haven’t met in person, HAPPY NEW YEAR! 
I hope that so far your year has started off strong and it’s everything you envisioned and prepared for it to be. Did you make a New Year’s resolution? 
I didn’t, but here’s why! 
I stopped making a New Years resolution a few years ago when I realized I couldn’t remember them lol. Like how was I supposed to know if I stuck with “it” if I couldn’t remember what “it” was lol? In my mind I thought, “what’s the purpose in going through all that stress just to not remember it a few months later?” 
But as I grew older, I realized that a resolution doesn’t have to be made on a specific day of the year, it can happen any day at any time! A resolution is a fancy word for a decision being made. A decision about my life, career, goals, and attitude towards life can be made at any time. I don’t need December to remind me that I need to make one lol. 
But I don’t frown upon those who make resolutions! It’s grea…

Low Heat, No Fuss Hair Styles For The Holiday!

The holidays are stressful enough, why worry about your hair? You have to prepare meals, think about holiday plans, plan outfits, purchase gifts, and so much more. Your hair shouldn't be something you're stressing over. Below I have picked 4 stress free hair styles to keep you glam and get you through the holidays!

1. The Bun. The bun is a great style if you don't want to use heat or only want a low heat style. It is a simple hair style that is timeless and quick to do. You can add jewels to make it look more festive for the holidays, loosely throw it up for a more "easy going look", or pull it tighter for a more polished look.

2. The Braids. Braids are an easy way to keep the heat out of your hair. Even if you aren't a great braider, there are styles that are easy to do on your own. Check these out!

 3. The Half up, Half done....or most down lol. This style is great no matter what texture you have. You can try this style after taking out your bun or braids to…

Eyeshadow vs. Pressed Pigment

Is there a real big difference between the two? Can they be applied the same? Should one be favored over the other?

There's so many questions surrounding this topic. So let's see what we can find out!

Eyeshadows are a colored powder cosmetic for the eyes. Some eyeshadows can be used wet (like foiled eyeshadows) to look more pigmented or to give a different finish if they have a sparkle or shimmer to them. They are mixed with binders to be able to put them in a pan. Mixing with binders can cause the color in the shadows to look less pigmented compared to a pressed pigment.

Pigments can be sold loose or pressed. They are more pigmented than an eyeshadow because they have more of the actual color (pigment) in them than a regular eyeshadow. Some palettes are usually listed as a “pressed pigment” when the shades contain certain dyes that shouldn’t be used near the eye area because it stains the skin. Also pressed pigments are a lot softer than eyeshadows, even though they look simi…

Lighter Brows Anyone?

Lighter brows aren't a "new" trend, but they are something that keeps disappearing and coming back unexpectedly. I love lighter brows on myself, if I can talk someone into it, I will lol! Lighter brows are a great option for someone that has very fine, almost non-existent brows, for someone that wants more of a "natural" brow when filled in, or someone that will be doing a very detailed almost dramatic eye makeup look and don't want their brows to steal the show.

When servicing guests, I take all things into account! I look at their facial structure, their brows, the color of their hair and their brow color, I look at their complexion before applying product, and I also look at their desired makeup look. Lighter brows are so flattering on everyone. The picture that influenced me to wear lighter brows with my dark hair (I used to have long jet black hair) was the picture of Rocsi Diaz from 106 & Park on BET.
This picture was and still is very beautiful t…

How Insecurity Can Affect Your Artistry

Insecurity is a sneaky little thing. It can affect every single thing, even your artistry! It will have you second guessing yourself, measuring yourself against others, and even creating false scenarios in your mind about someone or something. Rather you are a hair stylist, makeup artist, nail technician (manicurist), clothing designer, interior designer, chef, or an entrepreneur of a field that wasn't named, insecurity can affect your craft as well.

It's no secret, it's hard to stay encouraged when everything isn't going your way. It's hard watching others succeed and you stay stagnant in your career. When you're feeling defeated, that's when insecurity creeps in. Instead of you being happy for your peers, you'll find yourself measuring yourself against them, picking their work apart, finding their flaws and discussing them as if you're "trying to help" or you've got one up on them. But really the truth is, you're trying to figure…

It's Holiday Time!

It's holiday season all over again! It came so quickly lol. I am more than positive that some of you are picking out your outfits and paring your makeup just right for each event you have coming up this season. But some of you may be having a hard time thinking of makeup looks for the holiday & this is why I'm here! So let's dig in!

1. Keep It Simple!

If you're one of the girls that love the polished look makeup gives you, but don't like to have a lot on...keep it simple! Go with flesh toned looks, soft browns and bronze shades, or even nothing on the lid and a little gloss over the lips.

 Here, both ladies have on foundation, but the application of it is very "skin like". The lady on the left has a dewy finish, while the lady on the right has a more satin finish. Both applications are applied seamlessly.

2. Amp it up with a bold colorful lip!

Red is usually a staple for holidays, but in retail I've learned that everybody doesn't like red, not…