Fall Makeup Trends...Are they serious?!

Soooooooooo upon my research I've found (looks over rim of glasses), the trend for fall makeup will most definitely have your jaw on the floor! Like for real for real.

This fall you'll be seeing; bold, pastel, gold tones, smokey eyes, dark lip, nude lip or no lipstick, possible texture on the eye, and a whole lot of dewy fresh looking skin. Every article I've read has shown women with an amazing application of foundation, some even with a hydrated bare face.

I think this is the first time I have ever seen a fall trend actually resemble my mentality toward makeup. I love to see what the trends are, but I don't worry about following them. I'm more of a "do how you feel" kind of person when it comes to clothing, hair and makeup. Browsing through all the different looks really made me excited.

The smokey eye is a classic and probably will never disappear. It can be simple (keira knightly) or it can be dramatic (model), but it's always classic! The simple …

Story board madness!

Well first off, what is a story board?
It is a visual representation of a story that you want to capture by photography, movie, or short video. On the board you will gather information about the story like; theme, emotion, clothing, hair, makeup, scenery/objects needed to convey the story, suggested models, colors, and suggested people to work with. You don't have to use exact pictures of things, but you can use examples of what types of things you're going for. You can also use multiple boards if there will be multiple scenes or photo shoots of the story.

A story board is helpful to bring your ideas to life and make sure that the ideas flow with the theme and it makes sure that everyone that's working on the project is on the same page about your direction. It doesn't answer every question they may have, but it does give them references.

To create a story board, you'll need a theme. I'll use wind as my theme. So everything I'll choose from here on out has …

Use What You Got & Get Inspired!

In this industry, there are so many things that can make us feel defeated and uninspired. There are so many trends that seem to come out daily. There are so many artists creating new methods to do old things. It can be overwhelming, but through all of that, we have to find inspiration.

I remember when I was coming out of a restaurant and there was a single flower beautifully colored. I instantly got inspired by the color, the type of flower, and it's singleness amongst all the other green plants. I began to think of ideas for a photoshoot. I began to think of how I could incorporate the flower to tell a story through pictures. That's inspiration!

Everything you see can be used as an inspiration.

I remember reading a post from an artist and they said, "everything can be used as inspiration". Everything around you IS inspiration. The sounds you hear, the smells of things, the weather, people, places, small things, big things...EVERYTHING! Since I've gotten inspired …

Change Your Attitude!

When God spoke those three words to me, I won't lie, I continued to vent to Him, glossing over what He had said. He repeated it again. After He repeated it, those words stuck in my head. Stuck in my head in a way that would always remind me of my thought patterns DAILY.

Change Your Attitude...

Often times, we look at our lives from where we are versus where we are going. The language we use is often present tense and not future tense (I hope that's a thing because I just made that phrase up lol). For example, I have been a licensed cosmetologist for about 5 years now and I haven't had much success in sustaining consistent clientele and watching my income grow solely from this. So often times, the emotions I would have are based on where I am and not where I am going. I often got defeated & ask God questions like "are you sure this is what you want me to do?', "are you sure because I'm sick of being broke lol", "are you sure because I feel I…

Under Painting or Under a Big Mess?

The picture that went viral!
I remember some odd years ago when people were talking about this thing called "underpainting". A few artists would mention it in the caption, I would search YouTube, hashtags,  and I was still just as puzzled, like wheeeetttt? I couldn't find videos on it, and if I did, I just felt like it was wrong....or should I say the finished product just didn't look right.

But then, Renny Vasquez posted a video around the holiday time about how to do a smokey eye from start to finish and he did her complexion on camera. The technique he used to apply her complexion was "underpainting", and I was amazed at the results. After that, I saw another one of my favorites, AJ Crimson, do the same, and again, I was amazed! So from then on I committed myself to learn more and to actually do it.

So here's what I found out....

There wasn't much lol, but I decided to share what I learned while doing it myself and watching others.

Underpainting …

I got 99 problems and money IS one..

You're so excited about your new career. You finally know what you want to do. You've done research on professionals in your field and you begin to admire their work and what they've accomplished in their career....but now they're offering a class. Catch is you can't afford the class! Dang man!

So what are you to do? Get frustrated? Get defeated? Get upset? Stop?! Oh no my friend, you find another way, and if you don't know another way let me help you!

I've been in this place many, many, many times. And many, many, many times I have gotten upset and frustrated. Your circumstances have a funny way of making you feel stuck and making you feel defeated, like you should just give up.

But since then, I've matured in my thinking and I've begun looking for resources that are more affordable for me (free or low in cost).

No matter what industry you're in, there are always affordable resources available to you. The library is one of THE best free resour…

Ceramic vs Titanium

People ask me all the time which is better, which do I prefer, and/or which do I use. I use both, but I always, always recommend what is safest for guests to use at home.

Ceramic and Titanium both offer great benefits to the hair, but they also differ. Ceramic is safer because it applies heat to the hair evenly while still providing a very smooth and shiny look to the hair. It creates the smoothness in the hair strand by locking the moisture and smoothing down the cuticle to create a smooth and sleek look.  Ceramic plates heat up evenly leaving no cold or lukewarm spots on the plate. The heat is well controlled. Ceramic flat irons are great for any texture of hair, but they are awesome for finer textures of hair. Finer textures of hair are easiest to damage in both chemical and heat services. When purchasing ceramic flat irons, don't use the "ceramic coated" kind because if the coating wears off or chips, it can snag the hair and cause unnecessary fly ways. Some of my f…