Are You Creating A Great Color Story?

A lot of women I come across express to me that they "love colorful looks" but they stay away from colorful looks because they aren't sure how it would come out or  what colors/finishes to put together. Pairing colors together can be very difficult, even if its a neutral/natural looking eye with a lip color and blush. Creating color stories are very helpful in achieving the look you desire. 
There's absolutely nothing wrong with incorporating colors from your outfit into your makeup look. You can incorporate color in a subtle way or in a very bold way. Both ways can come out very beautiful. Also knowing a little about color theory helps out a lot. So below I'm going to show a few examples while explaining why their color story works.
1. So one of the easiest ways to help you pair colors together is to google a color you're thinking about using (ex. "colors that go with purple") and look at the colors that pop up.  Purple is shown with a complimentar…

Leave In or Leave it Out?

To some people, leave-in conditioners are like appetizers, you don't really haaaaave to have it every single time, but it's nice when you have it. To others, it's like the air they breathe, they need it to live.

There are so many different kinds of leave-in conditioners that are designed for specific hair types, hair needs, and hair textures. Leave-in conditioners are conditioners that are applied to the hair and not rinsed out. Leave-in's have the ability to; add additional moisture (which makes hair softer and more manageable), adds shine, helps to seal in moisture during application of heat, creates more slip when detangling hair while wet, deposit liquid vitamins to help strengthen and protect hair from further damage and snapping, can protect hair from the sun and its harmful UV rays (the sun can scorch the hair and cause it to be dry and brittle, especially if your hair is color/chemically treated), and it can also be used to refresh natural hair styles.

Below I&…

Summer Time Makeup

So spring just said; "forget y'all I'm not comin', but I'm gone send my sis Summer". Okay Then! I'll take summer and all it's beautifulness! But first lets get our makeup together!

Wearing makeup in warm climates can be a part time job in itself. Before you go picking makeup looks and what lashes will look best with it, lets talk foundation...

In the summer, your complexion will get much warmer than its ever been. Depending on how much you're in the sun, your complexion can change more than a few times. When your complexion changes, your foundation will too.

The best foundation to wear in warmer climates is liquid. It doesn't break down (separate or crack) as fast as cream foundations. Liquid is also recommended for people with oily skin because it isn't emollient like creams. It also comes in a range of coverage and can be oil free. Concealer can also be purchased in liquid and still provide the coverage you need.

Of course you will stil…

My IMATS Experience!

My experience at IMATS NYC '18 was ah-may-zing! I loved every minute if it. I loved glancing over the crowd and seeing all the beautiful makeup amongst the people waiting in line to get in. I loved meeting all the beauty professionals and beauty influencers that I've been following and admiring. If you've never been to IMATS, I will say that it is a major sensory overload (in a good, inspiring way)!

I went to IMATS for two days. I went for the pros night and the 1st day that was open to the general public. Pros night is the day that is open to those who have aa pros membership card and they get to shop first before the general public does. It was really helpful to me, I got to go in and see where everything was, what products they were selling, and I also got to talk to some beauty professionals that I follow. There was also a lot of demonstrations going on at different booths. The demonstrations ranged from everyday makeup to fantasy makeup. I saw artists body painting, m…