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How often is too often to relax?

This is definitely a question worth talking about. As a stylist, I get this question often.

I often tell my clients that it isn't advised to do chemical services at home, not because I want them to pay me but because its difficult to do chemicals on yourself without over processing your hair or not having the proper tools to assist you in your servicing.

Relaxers can be helpful for some to maintain their look and it can also be very harmful if not performed correctly and maintained properly. I suggest to relax hair at least every 3 months (12 weeks). That gives the hair time to actually grow so that when it is time to retouch the relaxer there is enough to relax. When relaxing hair it is almost impossible not to overlap the relaxer unto the hair that has been already relaxed (this is why many professional hair care line have created products to coat the relaxed hair during a retouch service). Hair grows approximately 1/4 of an inch a month. If you are relaxing ever 6 weeks, your …

How I Got Started

Cheesy title right?
 Lol I thought so too. But that's not the point of this blog post.

I've always wanted to be a beautician. I've always done something hair related. When I was younger I  always said that I wanted to be lawyer, a hairstylist, and own my own salon, and boutique. Always.

But as I got older, some people would tell me that I "couldn't do both" and "doing hair doesn't make money". So I went to college and I got a Bachelors Degree in Criminal Justice and Psychology. But In my third year in college, I had doubts that maybe this wasn't what I was supposed to do. I later found out that its not really what I'm supposed to do (i'll write another post about finding my purpose later).

I graduated from high school in 2009 and started college that September. While in college, I had a plan to go to college and become a hairstylist to make money on the side. When I first signed up for the program I didn't get in. The program f…