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OMG I feel stuck!

Most creatives do feel stuck at a certain point. We may feel stuck because we aren't motivated, because we aren't making enough/any money, we aren't elevating the way we'd like, or we may just feel cheated all around the board.

If you've been "stuck" before then you know what I mean and you know this feeling.

I think the worst thing that can happen while being stuck is not having enough support or watching other succeed around you. It creates fear and uncertainty. It makes you think you're not doing enough things right or you're not working fast enough. And if I had a penny for every time someone told me "your time will come" I promise I'd be so rich I could buy trump a ticket out of the world LOL.

It's almost as if the whole world knows you're stuck and they show you people succeeding, getting new jobs, getting proposed to, edges growing back, their stomach getting flat....and here we are looking like simple sally because we…

You & The Industry

In the beauty industry I think it's very important to know; who you are, what you like, what things you would like to emphasize in this industry, and why you chose this as your career path.

I think when you know who you want to be in the industry you know what you want to do in this industry. When I started cosmetology school I already knew I wanted to specialize in healthy hair, hair cutting, and hair coloring on all textures of hair. While in class, I paid close attention to these topics when they were brought up in demonstration and in theory. I made sure to learn other areas, still do to this day, but what always hold my attention is hair cutting and coloring.

I also think that knowing who you are keeps you from acting like someone else or constantly mimicking someone else's style. There is nothing wrong with recreating looks, drawing inspiration from other people, or even following a trend. But yall know when someone is being a "copycat" or "trying to act…