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The "No Makeup, Makeup Look" Post :)

This post is one that I have literally have been waiting to post lol.
The famous no make up, makeup look is so huge! It is very huge amongst clients and makeup artists.

So many clients ask to "look like I don't have any makeup on" or "look like Kim K or Kylie Jenner" not fully realizing that these women have on a full face of makeup. I love when clients ask for this because I love to educate my client on whatever it is I am doing to or on them. Kim Kardashian West's makeup application is FLAWLESS, that is why her looks are highly requested.

As an artist, I continuously study my own application. I try my hardest to make sure that my foundation mimics SKIN. I'm also very careful about what artists I watch. I only watch artists that I admire their career, their makeup applications, and their new goals that they are setting.

Kim K's look (amongst others) is mostly requested by those clients who don't wear makeup, scared to wear makeup or they are v…

My 5 Product Face

These products are usually my go to when I want a quick fail-proof face. These products all happen to be products that I always reach for.

1. Concealer- I use the MAC NC45 pro long wear in my problem  areas, which usually is my cheeks.
2. Bronzer/Blush- Urban Decay Naked Flushed Palettes are the best! I love these palettes because they have a blush, bronzer, and high lighter in them. It's ideal to use to give you that beautiful glow with a natural blush tone to give a sun kissed glow.
3. Mascara- I'm not picky about mascara. I'll use just about any mascara and make it work. When I was younger my favorite mascara was the stiletto lash by Maybelline when it first came out.  Like I was absolutely in love with it lol. 4. Brow gel/Brow pencil- When I don't have on a full face, I don't like to fill in my brows. I will lightly fill in the sparse areas with a brow pencil from either Anastasia of Beverly Hills or one from Maybelline and use the clear brow gel from E.L.F.

Did you hear what Joseline said on The Real Daytime Talk show?

Let me first say that I love Joseline. Since she came on the scene, her fashion sense has always been one that I love. You can tell she loves to dress, accessorize, and make a statement.

On The Real Daytime Talk Show the ladies wanted to know who wore the purple thigh high Balenciaga boots. Those Boots are amaaaaaazing (I love heels!).
The audience went wild yelling who they thought wore it best! Joseline then said, "well first of all I'm her mama...I'mma tell you where the real street style comes from from the streets, the girls like me, the girls that's fly, the girls [not able] to afford two thousand dollar boots". She goes on to say that when she was growing up she didn't have the luxury of being able to purchase expensive things, but she always knew how to make things work and make sure she looked fly with what she had.
A lot of people took offense to the statement, but it is very true. Street style is heavily imitated and it isn't praised until so…