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Aim a Little Higher or Stay in Your Comfort Zone?

We're talking brows ladies! Should you raise your arch or should you work with what you have?

Eyebrows are EVERYTHING! They were everything before they were a "trend" or something to be obsessed over. Eyebrows are what makes the look, it's what compliments the face! The right shape can make you look like you did something "different" without people knowing what you did "different". Even picking the right shade and the right product to fill in your brows can make a difference in the appearance of your brows. Of course brow shapes are a preference, but why not go with the shape that best suits you and your face? Why not create a statement with your brows in a positive way? Lets get into these brows, shall we?

Before you do anything, You need to identify where your eyebrows should start (1), where your arch is (2), and where your eyebrows should end (3). Everyone's brows wont look like the woman's in the picture but that's fine lol. Remem…

Cake By the Pound....or is it?

OMGosh! I've been waiting to post this blog for a while now, but I just never got around to it. Laziness lol, yall know about it!

Have you ever saw someone and you thought "her makeup looks cakey" or "she has too much makeup on"?

Did you know that you can have on a ton of makeup without it looking "cakey"? It's all about application, layering, and most importantly blending.

About a year ago, my best friend went to a 70's themed party. She showed me a picture of what she wanted and I was excited to do it. In the 70's, I noticed that most of the makeup looks very skin like. Their eyes were dramatic, but their brows and lips were soft...MOST of the time.

When doing a dramatic look you have to pick what's your focal point. What do you want to stand out the most? Is it your eyes? Is it your brows? Is it your lips? Or is it all three? I love dramatic looks, but I've learned through trial and error to examine the face and see what areas …