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Let's Talk Nudes!

Everyone loves nude lipsticks since they came back on the scene a few years ago. But all nude shades aren't "beige, tan, eggshell, etc.". I remember when nudes first came back on the scene on social media and man were they back with a vengeance lol. All the nude shades I saw were those very light shades of brown, tan and beige. So those were the ones I thought I had to have.

Picking nudes are tricky, if the shade is too light, it can look "kissed a donut" or not flattering to your complexion, if the shade is okay-ish and you don't line it, it can give you a bolder look than what you were hoping for. Here are some examples...

Quick Fix Tip: These shades can be very pleasing if they were used with a liner or topped with a neutralizing gloss or liquid lipstick.

Once I began to grow in my craft and start really learning the industry and training my eye, I began to see different ways you could create a nude shade for your client and different tones nude shades c…

Keep them Chocolate!

Highlighting deeper tones  (milk chocolate to fudge skin tones) can be tricky, but it is a skillset in itself. I have fallen victim to making a mistake a time or three lol. Its ok! No one got great overnight and you can only learn from either your mistake or others' mistakes.

Pay attention to the undertones! Not every chocolate girl has the same undertone. Some have red undertones, some have golden undertones, and some, believe it or not, have a neutral undertone. When highlighting you want to CORRECT/CONCEAL first and then highlight. If you don't you run the risk of it coming out "ashy" or the area that was supposed to be concealed, seeping through.

The rules of highlighting are the same as on any complexion. Going 1 shade or 1 1/2 shade lighter keeps the highlight looking natural, anything brighter will give a more dramatic (I use that term not as a negative lol) appearance. When highlighting chocolate girls, you want to stay as close to their complexion as possib…

Reunion Makeup

Hate it or Love it, reunion makeup is a thing lol! So much so that people request those same looks by their makeup artists. And makeup artists want to recreate those looks also. We live in a time where people focus a lot of their time on what's happening on social media and on television.

I don't know how many times I've scrolled passed pictures and saw comments flooded with questions about where someone got their outfit from, who did their makeup, where they get their hair done, etc. Being honest here, depending on the artist, I'll drop a comment too and ask them a question too lol. There's no shame in that sis lol. Sometimes I get my answer and sometimes I don't. But its always worth a shot.

There have been many reunion looks that I absolutely love. To me, it's like waiting to see someone go to prom. The cast members pull out all the stops. Their makeup is just right, those curls are perfectly curled, and that highlight is brighter than it's ever be…