The Beginning of Something New

I haven't written a blog in so long! I just haven't had anything to write about, unmotivated, or not enough info to finish the blog...or all of the above lol.

So I've decided to start something new. I decided to start a YouTube channel. At first I didn't want to because I was nervous and I didn't think I was prepared. But I decided to start a channel just because I wanted to try to get inspired again, practice my skills more, and just have fun while sharing my knowledge and sharing a little bit of what I do and what I aspire to do.

I know that some people are getting into it because they heard of people making money. The money would be nice lol, but I just want to do it because I believe that I would get inspired again and have a place to practice and stuff.

I wanted to share my journey because I want to inspire others to do something that's out of their comfort zone or something that they've been wanting to do. Forget what others are saying. Forget what others are doing. Forget that "everyone is doing (fill in the blank)". Just do what makes you happy. Do what keeps you going. You wont always be "happy", but you should always choose to be positive. Always view the glass half full. Have confidence in what you do.

So far, I've uploaded three videos lol. I'm in the process of editing this one that's down below. If you get a chance, stop by my channel and check me out.

I call this look "A Slight Smoke" eye look. For this look, I didn't deepen the look much and it wasn't intentional, but it came out great. This look is great for the day time. A lot of times smokey eyes can be high in drama and "too much" for the day time or for someone who doesn't wear a lot of eye makeup. For her lipstick, I lined her lips with Oak by MAC, Naturally Transformed by MAC, and a little nude lip gloss by Milani. Hope you guys enjoy the brief video until I can post the actual video showing you how to get this look.

Remember everyone has to start somewhere. You cant be "great" if you never actually start or practice what you like to do.

-Peace, Love, & Beauty!


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