The Whoa's of Working......anywhere!

Working in this industry you will experience a lot of ups and down. Sometimes more downs than ups. Dealing with them is everything. How you get back up and handle things when they don't go your way speaks for your character, builds your strength for longevity, and it determines your next move.

I've been a licensed cosmetologist for almost 5 years, but I've always done something hair or beauty related. Once I got licensed I was excited to finally work in a salon of my choice and do what I enjoyed doing. I loved that I could enjoy discounts at professional stores, try new professional products that are being released, and be able to go to different classes to further my education.

But even with all the beauty, sometimes you have to wrestle with the beast. Working in a professional setting, you have a boss/supervisor/manager/shift lead/lead artist, etc. that you have to answer to. This doesn't apply to everyone, because some people work for themselves completely and collaborate with others. But at some point, even they may have someone that they will have to answer to regarding a project or client. Every person of authority won't be your favorite person. You won't always like them, but you understand that you have to find a way to deal with them to complete the job and to get paid. You may even have co-workers that you don't necessarily like, but you know that you need them just as much as they need you to complete the job also. We can't control our environments, but we can control the way we respond to things.

The beauty industry, just like any other industry, is difficult. I believe it can be difficult because  some people don't look at this as a "job" or a "career" and the other some think that they shouldn't have to answer to anyone. But as I'm growing, I'm learning that who you know and your reputation determines your longevity. To achieve more in your career requires you to do different things and to work with/meet different people. If you can't work with others or be able to assist for others, you won't last long lol. Granted, I've heard of selfish people, but selfish people only get what they've already gotten so far. They'll never reach a higher level than what they have. You can't tap into something creatively being around the same things working with the same people all the time.

This world is so big. There is always more to do and more to see and more people to meet. As I've mentioned, everyone you come into contact with you won't like for some reason or another. You have to see past that and keep your eyes on the goal (your career). Always respect them. Always be courteous to them. Even if they are throwing rocks, you take them and build your cottage with it! In bad situations, always see the positive in it and look at it as an opportunity to grow. The positive things you take from people that you don't necessarily care for is; how to treat people, how to work in an environment with EVERYONE, how to work peaceable among everyone,and what not to do. Even though you may not particularly care for someone, you can still learn from them. They could be a great artist, just a horrible personality lol. Take the meat and throw the bones away honey lol.

Every situation makes us appreciate the good times even more. It keeps us humble because we know what it took to get where we are. There will never be a perfect work environment, a perfect assistant, a perfect boss, a perfect client, or a perfect anything. It's all about how you view it. Do you view the glass half empty or half full? Sometimes the people we least like turn out to be our greatest lesson!

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Peace, Love, & Beauty


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