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The Power of Makeup....Is it real?

The power of makeup has been a topic for a very long time. As of recently, it has been a public topic. You can find so many videos on YouTube and pictures on social media about it. There are some very compelling stories about the power of makeup and the beautiful transformations. But is the power real? Lets chat!

On social media, the power of makeup can be seen as a transformation. The idea is to show how polished one looks after applying makeup. While others have made the power of makeup a time to share a story. Countless women have shared stories and even tears. Makeup is often times labeled as "trickery", "witchcraft", "hating yourself", and "in denial" by negative onlookers. The comments under the videos and transformations is enough to have you making time in your day to  "clap back".

Makeup has been turned into something it was never intended to be. People are making memes saying things like "you gotta take your girl swimmin…

Warming Things up a Bit!

The seasons are changing and there is a lot about your makeup and skin care routine that will change, are you ready?

While the weather will be getting colder, your lipsticks and eyeshadow can get hotter! This is the season for all your favorite vampy, deep, and rich color lip selections to make their debut. Plums, browns, and crimson lips shades are in and they're making their appearance in social media and in magazines.

Fall/winter glam can be super glam or it can be subtle but still very polished and beautiful. Here are a few suggested looks you can try for the end of the year!

If you're a girl that's leaning more on the subtle side, a natural sheen or glossy (If you're into that) dark lip with a soft brow and a simple natural looking lash or just mascara. To kick it up your look during the night or for fancier events, add a bolder lash with deeper toned shadows. Pictures provided below for a visual example.

If you're on the super glam side of things; a beautiful…