The Power of Makeup....Is it real?

The power of makeup has been a topic for a very long time. As of recently, it has been a public topic. You can find so many videos on YouTube and pictures on social media about it. There are some very compelling stories about the power of makeup and the beautiful transformations. But is the power real? Lets chat!

On social media, the power of makeup can be seen as a transformation. The idea is to show how polished one looks after applying makeup. While others have made the power of makeup a time to share a story. Countless women have shared stories and even tears. Makeup is often times labeled as "trickery", "witchcraft", "hating yourself", and "in denial" by negative onlookers. The comments under the videos and transformations is enough to have you making time in your day to  "clap back".

Makeup has been turned into something it was never intended to be. People are making memes saying things like "you gotta take your girl swimming on the first date", "see this why I don't date girls that wear makeup because its deceiving", and taking before and after's turning them into a bashing session.

Some of the misconception of makeup is; its for insecure girls who hate how they look (complexion, facial features, eye color, etc.) or have low self esteem, makeup is for "ugly" people, makeup is for girls that seek attention, makeup messes up your skin, men don't like women who wear makeup...and the list can go on, I'm sure!

Misconceptions are lies! Some may be true for some people, but they aren't for everyone. Makeup is a bonding tool that connects people from all backgrounds and races. Makeup was created to enhance what is already there while bringing different colors and textures to decorate the face. Makeup was created to make you feel beautiful!

Yes, makeup makes us all feel beautiful. Yes, it gives us a new attitude, but we can't let our self-worth be wrapped up in it. Rather our face is flawless or blemished, we are still perfect. We are still beautiful. Confidence doesn't come from makeup, confidence comes from knowing your worth and knowing who you are. I remember when I thought I had to wear makeup to "look" pretty, but now I could care less lol.

The power of makeup is the self empowerment makeup lovers share, the esteem that it brings when makeovers are finished, the motivation it gives others, the opportunities it creates for makeup artists and makeup gurus, and most importantly the LOVE!

We are all created in God's image, and we serve a perfect God so that makes US perfect! Go on and wear that makeup, wear that glitter, go all out with that high lighter and blind us! Throw all those misconceptions, memes, negative comments, dislikes, and negative Nancys in the trash!

Share your makeup empowerment story, I would love to hear it!

-Peace, Love, and Beauty


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