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Im stuck...what do i do?

I'm sure you've heard phrases like; "be your own support system", "forget the haters", "motivate yourself", 'all you have is you", and many more like phrases. But what if you don't want to? What if that's not ranked the highest on your to do list? What if you feel like you can't?

We ALL get in those emotional spaces where we just feel like life is really trying us! We ALL get in those spaces where we just don't feel as creative and like our creativeness is in prison serving life without a chance of parole. We ALL do. Some people just wear life's journey a little better than others. Feeling like you're stuck is the most frustrating thing ever. Especially when you're trying new things and its failing, trying to connect with others but get no response, and when you're SCROLLILNG through social media seeing people steady "winnin'". Thats so irritating! It burns my grits and I'm sure it burns y…