Im stuck...what do i do?

I'm sure you've heard phrases like; "be your own support system", "forget the haters", "motivate yourself", 'all you have is you", and many more like phrases. But what if you don't want to? What if that's not ranked the highest on your to do list? What if you feel like you can't?

We ALL get in those emotional spaces where we just feel like life is really trying us! We ALL get in those spaces where we just don't feel as creative and like our creativeness is in prison serving life without a chance of parole. We ALL do. Some people just wear life's journey a little better than others. Feeling like you're stuck is the most frustrating thing ever. Especially when you're trying new things and its failing, trying to connect with others but get no response, and when you're SCROLLILNG through social media seeing people steady "winnin'". Thats so irritating! It burns my grits and I'm sure it burns yours too! But what do we do when we feel stuck? Hmmmmmmmmm? Lets think about it...

Most times when we're stuck, we just really need to unplug. By unplugging I mean get off social media, take more personal time for yourself, and start seeking to learn new things. Getting off social media really helps your confidence. It will cut down on the chances of you comparing yourself to others and help you not start feeling bad for yourself. The thing about social media is that it's super rare that people post their every moment/feeling/emotion/situation/whateva! They post the great things taking off in their life. They post the "big announcements". They post their "connections". Rarely have I ever seen anyone post when today just wasn't a good day, when that business deal didn't go as planned, when they lost their investment, or when they tried everything on in their closet and still came up with nothing and their lace isnt secured properly lol...what I'm saying is, we need breaks from social media more often than not. You may be comparing yourself to someone who is comparing themselves to someone else too! Just because you "post" to be happy, doesn't mean you're happy. Take some personal time! Start doing some things for yourself and by yourself. Go read a book in a cute little cafe with a latte no foam. Go get a bite to eat at a "hole in the wall" eatery (y'all know they got the best food, dont play!). Treat yourself to a spa day (even if it's at home, save that coin sis). Whatvever you enjoy, go do it and enjoy it! Some times we have to get quiet with ourselves to figure some things out. Having personal time helps you to realize what you like, what you don't want, what are some things you can work on, what you do best, and to be honest it helps you hear God so clear! Start studying your craft or things related to your craft. Sometimes feeling stuck can be related to not being inspired. If you can't travel, the internet and pintrest will take you wherever you want to go for free and instantly with a click of a button! Go see what people in other parts of the world are doing and what's inspiring them. Go read about what the predicted trends are going to be. I guarantee you will begin to get inspired. Every industry started somewhere and their story can be found in many different forms of publications, read it! Learning new things inspires you, but it also educates you. Educating yourself gives you something to talk about when you're trying to work a room and build resources.

STOP feeling bad for yourself. It's ok to feel the emotion, but don't stay defeated for too long. Time works against you when you allow yourself to stay in a negative space. Begin to strategize how you will reinvent yourself or your business. Write it down and remind yourself daily that "this too shall pass" and that your resources are on it's way. Scrolling through social media feeds the negative feelings constantly, especially when you're feeling "stuck". 

START speaking positively and thinking positively, believing that you are on your way to greatness and even this little setback was designed for strengthening you. Enjoy your process, even the not so good times have lessons in them.

If you dont't have support, reevaluate your circle of friends and communicate what you need in these friendships. If they can't give you what you need, start walking away. No need in keeping people around for the sake of saying "i have friends". You won't be without support for long, so dont worry!

Get focused on your future, it needs you! Self motivation isn't the easiest, but it's needed. Begin to discover what self motivation means to you and put it into action!

-Peace, Love, and Beauty!


  1. Excellent article! You're absolutely right about unplugging from social media. Too many people compare themselves to the lifestyle that some claim to have on social media. I'm taking some time right now to unplug.

    1. Unplugging is soooooo necessary! I try to do it as often as I can even if it’s only for a few hours at a time!

  2. Amen, to all of this! I deal with some form of this all the time as an actor. I often have to remind myself to just thank God for what he has done,and is currently doing in my life. I'm glad I read this blog post,because its confirmation for me to continue to focus on my own goals, dreams,and aspirations! Thank You!

    1. I’m happy that I could help in some way! Comparison is sooooo easy to do! But just like you said, thank God anyway because He’s moving on our behalf all the time! God bless!

  3. I divested myself of some friendships this year and I feel refreshed. I wasn’t getting the emotional support I needed. People ask me if I have regrets and I honestly can say no. Sometimes you have to move forward.

    1. That’s good! Sometimes you ha rvto let people go to get to something else in your life. And it’s not a bad thing or something to regret, it’s just that you’ve realized what was needed and you did it. Yes’t! Sometimes you gotta move forward! I second that motion lol. I hope your new year is already off to a new start!


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