First Off....Happy New Year!

New year, new you? Or same stuff just a different day?

Many people are so excited for the new year. They get dressed up, decorate for parties, plan trips, and cheers to the New Year. They set new goals, wrap up old ones, and view the glass half full. While others....well let’s just say they’re looking at the glass half empty these days. They view the year as just another day of the same ol’ same ol’. They aren’t really optimistic about the new year, they don’t really set too many goals (if any at all), they discourage others who have set goals, and they may even   go to a party, but to them it’s just a party nothing more, nothing less. 

Personally for me, I don’t reall make “New Years resolutions”, but I do set small goals for myself and work towards them daily. Every time I used to make New Years resolutions, I would forget them and I would get so irritated that I couldn’t remember them so I decided to create a smaller list of goals I want to accomplish and add to the list as one gets completed. Creating a smaller list of goals helps me  not to feel overwhelmed or like I’ll never get it done because it seems like it’s a lot that it will require. 

I’m constantly thinking of things I want to do and things I want to work on. So when I’m thinking of a goal I want to achieve, I think of things I need to do to get that one thing done. I think of people I could contact to help get it done, I think of photographers,  materials the goal might need to accomplish it, I jott down pricing if I need to purchase something or pay someone for it..EVERYTHING, lol. My mind is thinking of something I could work on write now as I write this lol. When I start working on one thing, I won’t start working on something else until that one thing is done. I can take a break, but I will come back and finish it. 

About a year and a half ago, I wanted to work on my portfolio for hair and makeup. A lot of things happened that caused me to take a break. But now I’m back working on it and everyday I’m thinking of new ideas. I’ve even told myself that if I work with anyone on their projects that it has to line up with what I’m working on right now. If it doesn’t, I can’t work, and that’s perfectly fine honey! I have to remain focused and remember I’m trying to take control of the content I want to see. 

When working on goals, you have to have tunnel vision. The goal you have set for yourself won’t get done unless you get focused and take it serious. Sometimes the things you see as important, aren’t important to others. That doesn’t make it unimportant, that just means you have to make a conscious effort to really buckle down. That may also mean you may have to start thinking of other people who can help you with your project. 

Rome wasn’t built in a day, so don’t get discouraged if your vision isn’t coming to fruition as fast as you would like it to. Slow and steady wins the race. 

-Peace, Love, & Beauty! 


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